Complications of Cataract Surgery


Although cataract surgery is a commonly performed and generally safe procedure, it carries certain risks, like all surgeries. Complications can arise during the surgery which may require the expertise of a retinal surgeon to repair. Our center has retinal surgeons readily available to treat any complications, and our cataract surgeons often work alongside our retinal surgeons in complicated cases.

Complications include a dropped nucleus, retained lens fragments, perforation of the globe, and choroidal detachment. These complications are not common – the incidence of a dropped nucleus is estimated at occurring between 0.5-2% in patients. Our retinal surgeons can intervene to repair the complication during the surgery.

Additionally, some complications of cataract surgery that affect the retina may only manifest after the surgery is completed. Cataract surgery may elevate the risk of a retinal detachment, cystoid macular edema, and endophthalmitis. You can learn more information about these conditions and how our retinal surgeons treat them here.


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